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About Us

It has been said and well proven that the biggest challenges in the year 2019 in the fashion industry would be consumer shifts, sustainability and digitization. Hence, the most important thing for a global fashion brand is to stay current.

Going Shopping can be great, but walking around in a crowded area, going from shop to shop and not finding what you want; can be stressful. Worst still, you end up buying something, only to find it cheaper in the next door… and let’s not talk about how much money could have been saved buying it online.

We started More Than Loops to be part of the solution towards these challenges by bringing out the latest trends in fashion for men, women and children. Through our website and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Consumers can now have more information about the products that we provide such as the fabrics and styles they are interested about. These platforms have made it easier for consumers to have detailed information about the quality of the product they need and at a fast pace.

More Than Loops would be providing extra information about the sustainability and the products it provides through its NEWS page. We believe that customers have the right to know about the sustainability of the products through a transparent value chain. Customers would receive continuous updated shipping orders to make sure that delivery expectations are met. Creating  an account with us lets customers to be up-to-date and informed with our latest products and can be a simple way to creating a great online shopping experience for our customers.

More Than Loops mission is to keep up with the digital revolution and to bring out the best updated experiences, making it easier, faster and convenient for customers to shop online while chilling at their cozy homes.